Sunday, May 11, 2008

Domino Magazine

Everyone should know that Domino Magazine is one of the greatest magazines ever. It is the only magazine that I save every issue. My precious closet space for my shoes is being sacrificed for Domino; that is how much I love every issue. Here are some of my favorite rooms.

I want a tulip chair with a pink cushion to do all my work. I could see myself living in this studio.
"Cool is when vintage meets modern" -Keds. This room is just that. Sleek furniture set in a traditional space. I want artwork and the fireplace please.
The unexpected glamorous chandelier in the kitchen made my fall in love with this room.
Someday this will be my closet.
It is such an open and large room but yet it is still inviting. I love the color palette.

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  1. you're soooo right! and these are some of my favorite rooms as well... i really need that black chandelier!


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