Thursday, March 19, 2009

oh so pretty.

Leighton and Blake are gorgeous.

And so is the rest of the cast...


  1. I heart those bizzos! Gorgeous!

  2. meow! they look hot!

  3. why does little j think she looks cool?? ugh.

    i want to be leighton. there, i said it. i just want to be her.

  4. Just came here from Sweet Nothings, but won't be back. I'm sorry, but the whole spread is kind of gross. The first pic is just kind of disgusting. (I'm sorry, but the porn money-shot connotations are kind of hard to miss.) Ew.

  5. love love this show. tis a very beautiful cast! x

  6. I got this copy of Rolling Stone in the mail today...I haven't watched much of this season of Gossip Girl, but I want to be friends with all of them.


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