Thursday, October 29, 2009

get together already

I think Taylor Swift is so stinkin' adorable. And well, Taylor Lautner is pretty damn good looking (now, if he would already turn 18 so I don't feel like a creeper saying that). And I just really want the rumors to be true that they are really dating. I mean look how cute they are together while filming a scene for the upcoming movie, Valentine's Day (which stars almost everybody). You know you want them together too!
Oh yeah, Taylor Swift is singing on the track Half My Heart off of John Mayer's new album Battle Studies!


  1. I know right!? Did you see "The Taylor's Date Night" on Perez. The picture of them in the car is too cute!

    & I can't wait for Battle Studies! I think I may love John Mayer as much as you do, so I don't mind dealing with your obsession.

    Love your blog!

  2. Holy crap. That is the cutest freaking thing ever. I feel like I could be BFFs with Taylor Swift if I got the chance.

    She'll just have to be my imaginary bestie lol.


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