Tuesday, November 17, 2009

anyone out there?

I would like to meet a guy (a straight guy) who will rock a velvet blazer. Well, maybe I should just aim at meeting straight guys in general. I seem to have a problem with that. haha. Oh, but I do love my my wonderful gay friends!
buy it here.


  1. I met a straight guy wearing a plum velvet blazer last winter! Unfortunately, he used a very cheesy pickup line, I was a little tipsy and I may have made fun of his blazer really hard. If I ever see him again though, I'll mail him to you!

  2. Megan, forgot to ask how the wedding planner interview/assistant thing went. As for the blazer, don't think you'll see a straight man in it, maybe metro/ leaning towards gay.

    and my word verification today was: ecochant


  3. I have a super metro-sexual friend, Morris, who rocks a velvet blazer complete with purple liner. He's a total character and anytime I see a velvet blazer I tell my hubs he should try it on. His go-to response is, "nah, I'll leave that for Morris."

    But me, well my lady-self just picked up an adorable velvet blazer at J.Crew.


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