Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pick your side

Sometimes I like to act like I am still a 13 year old girl. Meaning....I love my Twilight books and movies. I saw New Moon last night and it was a major improvement from Twilight (not hard to do though). So now it is time for a poll. Yippee!
So whose team are you on? Team Edward? or Team Jacob?
(I am Team Jacob. I have been on his team since I read the books a long while back. Edward is dull to me.)


  1. Team Edward! He is just so very Romeo (except better), I love it!

  2. Team Jacob, to quote Bella:

    "I don't really like any cold, wet thing." --> agreed since I am cold 98% of the time.

    Lets see: super ripped, warm, soft, warewolf. Check please. Plus he's sort of a bad boy with a heart of gold- very much a turn on.

  3. Books: Team Edward

    Movie: Team Jacob


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