Tuesday, May 11, 2010

oh, lola

I have A LOT of perfume. It is one of my vices. I just came across an article that gave the 4 Sexy Date Night Perfumes. I was going to be really annoyed if I didn't have any of the 4 perfumes considering my extensive collection of perfume. Luckily, I have the Marc Jacobs Lola. phew. Here is the article. Hopefully you have one of them in your collection. Here is what it said about Lola (and it truly is fantastic)....

Marc Jacobs Lola

Great for: An all-nighter.

Wear it with: Your slinkiest picture-me-naked dress.

It'll be love at first sight...and smell. This gorgeous perfume bottle can stay put on your dresser, because this scent will last all night—and until morning, if he's lucky. A floral, fruity mix of pear and ruby red grapefruit, with floral midnotes of rose, fuschia peony, and geranium, Marc Jacobs Lola is the scent that keeps on giving.

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  1. I have this scent too! Good to know that's the vibe I am putting out...haha ;)


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