Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Welcome to my new studio. I just moved in and literally just hung my pictures. I am still missing a few things and some things need to be adjusted. Welcome to the tour....
This is the front door and my new vintage Paris painting.
My old school phone (sadly it doesn't work) and my awesome vintage suit advertisement. This is right when you walk in the front door.
Once you turn left from the front door this is what you see! I still am searching for a rug.
A close up of my chair wall. Yes, there are two chairs and two chair prints. Deal with it. I like chairs.
This is a view back down the hallway by the front door.
The far doorway to the left is back down the hallway, the closest doorway to the left is towards the bathroom and closet and the entry straight ahead is the kitchen and dining nook. (and don't be too jealous of my sweet Little Mermaid poster).
A close up of my dresser and jewelry stand.
Just part of my built-in closet and the door to the bathroom.
Just my toilet paper. It is a cute area though.
This is where you use your imagination. Pretend there is a table sitting between my beautiful chairs in my dining nook.
The beginnings of my globe collection. Oh, yeah and part of the kitchen. I don't know how to use this area very well yet.
My sink and adorable tube map.
Back into the main studio...it's my bed.
Another look at the studio part with my bed and desk. I love my bookcase! Best Christmas gift.
Just my desk. Luna like to sit on my desk and watch people walk by.
Well, that is it for now. Hopefully you all enjoyed your virtual tour.


  1. so cool! the little seating area--the chair wall--is really cute.

    i enjoy the need for imagination when it came to the dining room table haha

  2. so beautiful.
    we have the same picture of the big ben in our living room.

  3. It looks great, Megan! I love all the built-ins and cabinetry at the studio. Jealous!!

  4. Very cute place! Makes me want to organize and redecorate!

  5. Super cute! You have done such a great job with your space. Super cute and just so cozy!

  6. this looks good Meeg, I am excited to visit! and by the way, I could see the necklace I made you on your stand...good thing you didn't throw that away!

  7. What a cute studio! You are in Portland? Something like that in Los Angeles would cost around $900-1000 a month. If you don't mind my asking, is it much less there?

  8. What a lovely little studio.

  9. your built in closet is awesome!
    i just moved and have some major decorating to do...



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