Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Candy Wars

Joel and I got into a discussion on which chocolate & peanut butter candy was better. We are both stuck on our favorites and won't budge. You can help us crown a winner. I am sticking with M&M's (hello, it's my initials too) and he stuck on Reese's Pieces. So which one do you love more? Take the poll over on the right side column. Thanks.


  1. You only like M&M's because of initials! Get with it, Reeses = big flavor.

  2. oooh m&m's peanutbutter!! Never seen them before. We don't have them in the UK. :-( so sad! Peanut M&M's is one of my favourite candy. Reeses's Pieces are delicious but now I want to try the M&M version!

  3. Technically, Reese's Pieces don't have chocolate, if I'm not mistaken. They're purely peanut butter in a candy shell, am I right?

  4. neither! i hate peanut butter, lol.

  5. yeah, now that I think about it Reese's piece don't have chocolate. You are right. What good is candy without chocolate?

    And Laura: how is it possible to not like peanut butter? oh my!

  6. Reese's!!!!!!!!

    SO remind me of ET.

    Thanks for the kudos about the coco+kelley contributor thing, cool beans! I actually went to high school with her.. such a small world :)



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