Thursday, September 16, 2010

Box office

I really enjoy making list. I also really enjoy movies (and movie trailers). I made this handy list to get myself, hopefully you, pumped for 2010 movies. Go relax a little and watch some fantastic trailers! I cannot decide which movie I am looking forward to the many decisions. So what movie(s) are you anxiously waiting to see?!

The Town - September 17

127 Hours - November 5

Fair Game - November 5

Morning Glory - November 12

Unstoppable - November 12

Love and Other Drugs - November 24

Black Swan - December 1

The Tourist - December 10

Tron: Legacy - December 17

How Do You Know - December 17

Blue Valentine - December 31


  1. So many good movies coming out- need to watch a few of these trailers... thanks!

  2. I enjoy making lists as well and I just made a movie list myself- Black Swan, Tron and The Tourist are definitely on my list.

  3. I am looking forward to all of those flicks as well! Especially Black Swan and Love and Other Drugs. Love me some Jake G!!

  4. I just spent a good portion of my afternoon watching those previews and I'm so excited for a lot of those movies. That Natalia Portman one looks intense!


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