Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday, Funday

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween weekend. I sure had one fabulous weekend. WE carved pumpkins, went out to a very delicious dinner at 50 Plates (with our groupon. bonus!), dressed up and went out for halloween, had a birthday brunch, watch some HBO shows, ate pizza and so any other wonderful fun filled events.

Next time it might be best to turn on the flash. Here is a sneak peek....hopefully someone has a legit picture of our costumes (then you can actually see us). I was Poison Ivy from Batman and Joel was Goose from Top Gun.
My cutest little birthday card. Cupcakes and robots...what more can a girl want? (okay, maybe I am the only one that has these two things very high on my love list)
I got a cake. Somehow my boyfriend managed to hide this cake in his fridge without me noticing. It was delicious. Still is much left!
oh, and my awesome Acorn slipper socks. I will be wearing these while blogging most nights. My boyfriend is just too wonderful.
that's it folks.


  1. fab! and yay groupon! I have a website at work..gosh i cant remember but its something involving a pengiun..that has 10 deal sites on one dashboard..i dont miss anything lol!


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