Monday, November 1, 2010

toast rack and tray

These photos are inspiring me to actually organize my desk. I am totally loving the vintage toast rack to organize papers. You also need to check out High Street Market on Etsy.....fabulous vintage finds.
A tray is also an essential for keeping a desk pretty and clutter free (well, hopefully). Strangely, I have two vases that are extremely similar to these. Well, my blue and white is Dutch and my hobnail vase is actually a cup. Pretty close though.
Does it make me strange that I am really looking forward to cleaning my apartment tomorrow? (I got a new vacuum that I am excited to use. yes, it really is pink. don't laugh)
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  1. I do love a clean home. And Wow - a pink vaccum cleaner! Very cool.

  2. im all for whatever makes you clean! and is it the pink dyson bc id die of jealousy


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