Thursday, November 4, 2010


Could someone please explain why 127 Hours isn't opening anywhere in Portland tomorrow?! I have been looking forward to seeing this. ugh.
are you planing on seeing this movie?


  1. I hadn't even heard of this movie. I'm going to google to read up on it more.

  2. I am now!!! Watched that lovely clip yesterday and went crazy! I researched as much as I could in the time I had and am now sooo excited to see this movie!

    I even blogged about it today over at: !

  3. I think the premiere is in Denver tonight. I'm trying to find out how to score tickets (fat chance). It looks really good though so I'll definitely be seeing it!!

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  5. So sad news! I found out it isnt playing here either! (after i blogged) Silly me. Supposedly it only opened in LA this week. HOpe we can see it soon! and I have heard the amputation scene and another scene are intense. I read a review here:

    and it fills you in on when exactly the intense scenes occur without spilling the beans.


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