Monday, December 6, 2010

sofa decisions

Deciding on the perfect sofa is extremely challenging. It has to carry you through the years with new decor and home changes and seamlessly fit into all of it. My boyfriend is searching for a new sofa and we are stuck on two sofas that we can't decide between. Oh, and we have this lovely constraint of a 29" doorway. Yeah, that made finding sofa even more difficult. Okay, so lets hear your input. The pictures aren't the best examples of what the sofas truly look like so use your imagination.

#1. The Martin Sofa
A mid-century modern, clean line sofa that has a low profile. It is 90" long (that is rather long) and a very deep depth of 35". It is in a menswear inspired fabric that is called flint.via.

#2. The Townsend Sofa
(well, a sectional really. Or sofa with chaise.)
A comfortable sofa that is prefect for lounging. It is a more modern take on a sectional. Two cushion sofa with a chaise. It is about 95" long and has a fairly deep depth of around 32". The fabric is a textured blue/gray blend (yeah, the color in the picture doesn't look right).

Final deciding notes: Both sofas are extraordinarily well made and come with a lifetime guarantee on the cushions and frame and 1 year guarantee on the fabric. So quality isn't an issue with either sofas. Both sofas hover around the same price range. The sectional is a little bit more but the floor model has an excellent price reduction.

Okay, so which one do you prefer?!


  1. I like the look of both. However, a sectional is going to be more practical. When you have people over there is more room and when both of you want to be laying down on it you can.

  2. I am couch hunting as well, but I am really loving the sectional with the chaise longer.

    I would like to fit as many people comfortably in my living area as possible, so the sectional works for me! Best wishes deciding... it's so tough! :)


  3. I think they both are great but I am leaning more towards the second one too!

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  4. I guess I'm the odd one out. I will always lean toward a traditional couch and away from sectionals. I just love the classic, clean lines of the first option. I love the menswear fabric on #1 and i think it will seamlessly fit into more decorative styles and rooms in the future.

    My two cents.

  5. I went through the "sofa challenge" last month, took me 3 months to decide. Literally, one of the hardest decisions. I wanted one that was practical (I have a dog & bf who LOVE lounge time), super chic (my style is j.crew meeting anthropologie, with a dash of ruffles), and one that would grow with me from professional to married life.

    The one I chose on (with a super fab matching chair) was similar to the first sofa you have pictured. It reminded me of a guy's tweed sports coat. I LOVE IT, & so does the bf!

    Good luck! :)

  6. The first one. I feel like a sofa is going to be more practical in the end. A sectional may pose some space planning issues wherever the BF moves next. Since the sofa is deep and long, it still allows for snuggle capabilities. I also like the lines of the first one best. It definitely is a sexy option for a man's living space. GOOD LUCK :)

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