Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For The Love Of Petersen

A new series starts today! Yep, you read it right. I am planning on doing a series of guest post from bloggers on the topic of "Three things that make you smile". A fun and happy little series to brighten your day. If you are interested in being a guest blogger then email me ( your three things, pictures, text, links, etc.

To start off the new series, we have the very witty and sarcastic Alana from "For the Love of Petersen". Alana is a family friend that I have known growing up and this girl has excellent fashion taste and well delivered jokes. So check out her blog and the three things that make her smile below. Drum-roll please....

1) Honey's Tail. Nothing in the world is better than seeing my puppy's tail wagging out of control. No joke. She brings new meaning to the "Bark less, wag more" bumper sticker I've seen around town. Actually that never meant anything to me until I met my little Honey. Everyone who can deal with it should get a dog. (Caveat Emptor: "Dealing with it" is a pretty insane responsibility.)
2) Successful Culinary Adventures. Ah, I'm becoming so domestic... I love to try new things in the kitchen even after a really long day at work/school. That's how I know it makes me happy. The added bonus of a successful experiment (ie. transforming an already delicious dish to a healthier version) brings a big fat smile to my face every time. My latest masterpiece? Turkey burgers that I forgot to take a picture of. Check out the recipe here.

3) Witty IM Conversations. Does this make me a super nerd? I save the records of funny IM conversations for rainy (aka emotional) days. I love me some inside jokes, puns, sarcasm and cynicism. Make mine a double.

Speaking of which, I truly feel I need to add my most favorite smile-inducing-agent, my old friend Gin and his buddy Tonic. Best ever.

Isn't her puppy adorable?!!!! P.S. I am also up for a gin and tonic too.

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  1. oh look at that pup!

    and no gin for me(bad night freshman year) but a vodka tonic would be 1030? dont judge


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