Monday, January 24, 2011

Sweet Nothings

I have the pleasure to announce my second guest post from Danielle from Sweet Nothings. I unfortunately haven't had the lovely opportunity to meet Danielle in person (boo her for living in a sunny state) but I feel we would be instant friends if we met. The girl is charming and we are on the same wave length on sooo many fabulous things. So if you haven't check out Sweet Nothings then head on over there now. She is bound to make you smile. Now the moment you have been waiting for....Danielle's three things that make her smile. Enjoy.

1- Georgie, my pup

I seriously cannot look at him without smiling. He is the cutest, most perfect little pudding and is so full of character. I was running errands this weekend and when I came home I found him like this, snuggled under his blankets. How can you not smile looking at his precious mug!

2- Handwritten Notes on fabulous stationary

In a world of emails/texts/facebook/twitter, nothing beats getting a little hello from a girlfriend in the mail. I am always picking up stationary, and am currently obsessed with these Leopard "Holler" Note cards from Jamie's Furbish Studio

3-Gorgeous Clothes

There is something about a fabulous evening dress that just makes my heart flutter. This one, from Oscar De La Renta's Spring 2011 collection is the epitome of girly glam. In my mind, it would be perfect just to wear around my condo...But doesn't it just scream Old New York? Now, if one of you ladies has a black tie event you want to invite me to, I'm ready and willing to purchase!via.

Thanks Danielle! I might come down and steal your puppy for an afternoon...


  1. love it! those definitely make me smile! i'm checking out that stationary now!

  2. Such a great collection of smile worthy goodies! That Oscar dress is INCREDIBLE! Yes please. And sweet little Georgie would make any lady smile :)

  3. Thanks my dear! any time you are down in LA, georgie is ready and willing for a playdate!

  4. Awww, your pup is so cute! I completely agree about the handwritten note and gorgeous clothes. They both bring a smile to my face too.

  5. I love gorgeous stationary and a hand written note...such a dying art!!

  6. Pup is to cute.We love that dress it is just splendid!

  7. Adorable! I had a boston terrier for 15 years, she was by far what made me smile the most!

  8. I completely agree about the handwritten note and gorgeous clothes. They both bring a smile to my face too. google


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