Thursday, February 24, 2011


This Manhattan loft makes me giddy with excitement. This is my type of modern. Colorful, inviting, fun patterns yet clean-lined and updated. I am really trying to adopt a more modern aesthetic. I first need to get rid of some stuff ( and declutter my life. My boyfriend and my current boss tend to go down the modern route. I am trying to embrace it while still keeping it me. Wish me luck is this life adventure.
I was sold after I saw the zebra rug and Eames chair.
Do you all tend to gravitate to more modern or traditional interiors? Or another category all together. Do tell....



  1. Hey I am great! Andrew and I moved to San Francisco about 8 months ago I am working at Nordstrom I am a manager for the point of view department it is so much fun!!! What are you up to these days?!?

  2. Yes San Fran is very different I never in my wildest dreams thought I would move here but it has been an experience of a lifetime!!!

    I am so excited for you and your new position I know you will be great! I wish I was doing more design work but I am really enjoying Nordstrom! I started this blog so I can get inspired and re-connected with other designers!!!

    I deffinetly miss our times in class you me and Dawn!!! Hopefully sometime when I'm back for long enough we can go out for drinks!!! Well good luck with the new job I look forward to seeing your work!

  3. Hey,Very well done.Good work..I like your interior..this is really very impressive architecture which i found on your blog.
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  4. Very cool flat! I love all the colours and designs and it's amazing how they all blend well together!

    I love everything, hence I call myself, a "design ADD!"

    Enjoyed catching up on all your older posts.
    Have a great week Megan!


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