Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Come Clean

Okay, confession time. I adore Hilary Duff. She has seamlessly grown up into a sophisticated adult without any ridiculous scandals and wild nights out parting. I just love her fashion sense too (probably her stylist). She has the wonderful ability to be stylish while remaining comfortable and causal.
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What are your thoughts? Like her fashion? Hate her fashion? Who are some of your fashion icons?


  1. LOVE LOVE HER! dont be ashamed!

    and she has amazing style I think!

  2. I loved her since lizzie mcguire, i just love her sense of fashion.

  3. Adore her! She really is great for her relatively low key life(albeit celeb life)...and crazy hard worker! That girl even wrote a *book*! I have no idea if it's any good, but dang, she wrote a book! (c:

  4. I might have her CD....might, as in I do!


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