Thursday, February 17, 2011

Petersons Perspective

Onwards with the series "three things that make you smile". Today we have the delightful and adorable Kristen from Petersons Perspective. I went to college with Kristen and we have had the pleasure of staying in contact through our blogs. She also works at this cool modern furniture store in town (I have been bad and haven't been to it yet. driven by lots of time though. one day soon). Here are the three things that make Kristen smile. Enjoy......
1) unique and intriguing design

I have always been very interested in architecture, fashion, design and art. I love looking at things and being amazed by their features whether it be the texture, the shape, the material, overall style, etc.

Wein Chair by Calligaris via.

2) The beautiful things in nature

I love being surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere, indoors or out. There is nothing like being in a peaceful place looking out at the ocean.

photo via.

3) being creative

I really enjoy doing anything creative. Crafts, projects, gifts, scrapbooking, DIY, designing, drawing, painting, etc. I may not be amazing at any one thing but I enjoy them all and that’s what matters to me.

photo via.

Thanks Kristen. I would love to be at that pool this very moment. I am ready to fly to paradise now.


  1. nice chairs! :)

    accessorize your outfit :)


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