Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kelley Maria

Today our guest post is from the insanely sweet and beautiful Kelley. It is a special day for her as well because it is her birthday. So jump on over to her blog, Kelley Maria and wish her lots of birthday love. I am thrilled that Kelley is participating in my series, Three Things That Make You Smile. I definitely smiled with her three things as well. So enjoy...
1.) Cozy Corner
There is nothing more comforting than a quiet, cozy corner next to a blazing fireplace where you can curl up with a blanket, lean against a pillow and read a good book. That makes me smile
Photo source: Morten Holtum
2.) Cinque Terre
I realize that this is a place, not a thing. However, it is all of the little “things” about Cinque Terre, Italy that make me smile. The colorful buildings stacked high upon one another. The glittering aqua blue water. The old men perched on park benches awaiting the arrival of the train that dozens of tourists will pour out of, gazing up and around in awe of this place that looks like a movie set.
Photo source: Photo taken by me.
3.) Dancing
Moving freely about to the beat of a great song and not caring that you might look like a total dork.
Photo source: Nate Broshot

Thank you Kelley. I am dying to go to Cinque Terre.
Have a very lovely birthday too!


  1. I love that photo of you Kelly! You look so truly happy!

  2. i love the cozy corner! and would love a trip to Cinque Terre.

  3. I love to dance and I am a horrible dancer! But when you are having fun, who cares what you look like! I could not agree more!

  4. Such fun variety packed into this short list! Loved reading your descriptions of them, too : )


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