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Go Design

Hello, all my lovelies out there. I have a fun post to send us off into a long, holiday weekend here in the States. I fell in love with the Oly George Console. While I was staring at it wide eyed, I thought to myself.....I wonder how other people would design around this fantastic table? So we are doing just that! I gave some of my lovely readers and fellow OSU alumnus (go beavers!) this very design challenge. It is so fun to see what other people create. So take a look at the below inspiration boards then let us know what you think. And of course, go check out all their wonderful blogs too!
The Oly George Console Table to create an inspiration board around!

Up First:
Kelley from Kelley Maria
The Oly George Console Table is the perfect statement piece in a foyer to set the tone for the home. The geometric shaped table lamp mirrors the legs of the console and adds a fun pop of color. I like the contrast of modern and vintage so I selected the vintage inspired chair to contrast with the modern console. The orange ikat pillow works beautifully with the chair and coordinates with the lamp. The sea urchin wall decor adds a soft detail against the strong angles of the table and lamp. The finish of the drum pendant adds glamour to the foyer while the rug ties it all together. These furnishings combined together give a warm welcome with a hint of glamour, a pop of fun and make for an overall stylish foyer.

Up Next:
Hello! Colleen here from Dashing Pearl.
{For those of you living in Portland, I am a fellow Portlander myself
and a proud Beaver Believer as well!}
I was very excited when Megan asked me to design a room around this

Since this table is so modern and geometric, I had a lot of fun
playing around with other geometric patterns and adding fun pops of
color to accent the white table. Here's what I had in mind:

I started with the rug, because I instantly pictured a Greek Key rug
under this table. Since the legs have so much dimension and allow you
to see straight through to the rug, I knew the rug was key.
Next was the antique white couch, which I thought would add a fun
element of mixing new with old, modern with antique. I love contrast
in settings and things that you wouldn't expect to go together.
Kind of sticking with the white theme, I brought in a side table and
white drapes that had their own different patterns integrated in them.
Since the base color is white, you can add varying patterns
that aren't too distracting yet add their own geometric dimension.
Keeping the modern theme, I brought in a very geometric round mirror
to reflect the lighting in the room.
I added a mercury glass lamp with a white lamp shade to play up the
reflective and airy feeling that this room already has going on.
In order to incorporate color, I added royal blue throw pillows that
had a similar pattern the the rug, and I wanted the rug in green to
off-set the white table it was under. I also added the Lipstick Dots
painting from Coco & Hearts by Jen Ramos, sticking with the
geometric pattern while adding pops of color.

That's it for the room, thank you to the lovely Megan for having me!
Come visit anytime :)
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Up Next:
Amanda from The Paper Dahlia
The main furniture: chair, love seat, rug, and hanging lanterns are from Pottery Barn. The pillows, iron pot holder, bird wall art, and lobster bucket are from Crate and Barrel. The idea I got from the table is a fun & colorful outdoor room or furnished patio ready for warm days ahead.

Thanks lady,

The Paper Dahlia

Up Last:
Your very own Megan from this very blog (Lovely Happenings if you are lost)Around the Oly Console Table
So I wanted to take a more modern and graphic approach with this dramatic console table. At first, I thought it would be an awesome vanity table with cheetah and tufted velvet but changed my mind and went a totally different direction. Hey, a girl can change her mind! I envision this in an entry way, flanking one wall. I started with a simple chair from Jessica Charles. The chair anchors the spaces and creates a perfect places to set you bags and jackets down when entering. The colorful artwork is from the wonderful 20x200! These illustrations bring life and excitement to welcome you home. Of course, you need some lighting for your space so obviously we had to go with a mod cork lamp. To finish this awesome space, I added a awesome green tray for keys and a Jonathan Adler pillow to bring in more graphic and groovy elements. Hope you enjoyed. Links again below.
Around the Oly Console Table by Lovely Happenings on


  1. love love seeing the different interpretations! great idea <3

  2. Super fun post! You will have to do it again! I would love to participate, I just didn't get a chance to do it. Loved the idea.

  3. Love your choices the best! So colorful and modern!

  4. These are beautiful and they complement one another. Great picks! :D

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