Sunday, July 24, 2011


My boyfriend and I just moved into a lovely Portland home. It has been exciting making the space look fabulous. I have learned that I am not crafty, nor do I like matchy-matchy decor and ikea furniture is a pain to assemble (well, I knew that last one already and normally avoid for that reason). Want a sneak peak at the ikea bookshelf that I assembled and then styled? Hop on over to my new twitter account. These are some spaces that inspire me and my quest to style a beautiful home.
Living room eclectic living room
Eclectic Modern Tudor Kitchen eclectic kitchen
Architecture and Interior Design eclectic home office
Eclectic Modern Tudor Family Room eclectic family room
hearts eclectic living room
eclectic living room design by media and blogs A Few Things From My Life

What is your home decor style?
Mine is eclectic. Give me a danish piece of furniture, colorful accents and clean lines...oh, and texture! Perfect.

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  1. I really love this space..! LOVE the eclectic kitchen design! Thanks for sharing your precious comprehension with me..!


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