Monday, August 29, 2011

To Tuesday

Monday's are always a little slower than others. I don't ever want to get out of bed. It's not that I'm dreading work.....okay, that actually is part of it. But luckily, I gave my two weeks notice and am moving onto a better job! Yippee for nice people and better work environment. Back to my point of Mondays being awful. I stay in bed as long as I can. Once I get up that means my boyfriend is gone for the week and I'll be in my bed all alone ever night till Friday. Ugh. Mondays suck. But I am perfecting my chic, lazy look. Today I have two sheath dresses layered ontop of each other, a bulky knit sweater and a fedora. This look inspired my inspiration board below. The "boyfriend" look. Not that my boyfriend even owns a sweater like that. Oh, well.


TopShop mohair cardigan, $84
Agent Ninetynine pocket tee, $40
Surface To Air mid rise jeans, £58
TOMS brown slip on shoes, $54
Satchel bag, $38
BDG linen hat, $15
Jennifer Rosson - Stella & Dot Stylist, $59
Whitney Anderson - Stella & Dot Stylist, $49

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