Sunday, September 11, 2011

How do you bordeaux?

I scored a pair of skinny, bordeaux jeans this weekend. Thank you N Rack. So how should I wear them? Any suggestions on what to pair with colored denim? Here's a few inspiration boards I came up with.


Mulberry vintage top, $620
Denim skinny jeans, £40
TopShop wedge high heels, $136
Lucky Brand leather bag, $209
Albertus Swanepoel leather fedora hat, $340
Megan McDevitt - Stella & Dot Stylist, $62


Funktional black shirt, $110
Skinny jeans, £40
Alexander McQueen peep toe booties, $985
Alexander mcqueen scarve, £325
Sharnikya Howard - Stella & Dot Stylist, $148
Jennifer Rosson - Stella & Dot Stylist, $59



Aubin Wills sweatshirt hoody, £60
Denim skinny jeans, £40
Print shoes, $30
Madewell backpack bag, $235
Megan McDevitt - Stella & Dot Stylist, $79

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