Sunday, October 2, 2011

Almost that time

I know Autumn just started so I shouldn't be thinking about fireplaces and hot cocoa just yet but I can't resit these beautiful fireplaces.  I found some real beauties and a little variety for everyone out there. (sorry, there's nothing super traditional though) So take a look and then vote away. I want to know which of the below fireplaces is your favorite!

I'll give my vote away. I love number one because it's modern yet very warm and rustic. It will be be city fireplace. And I'll take number three for my super chic country house. Yes, that's how stylist my country house will be. Who says you can't have glamor in the country?!

The Olivers House eclectic living room
My white Scandinavian home. Splash of colors. Old & new. Always in change. eclectic living room
Carson Poetzl, Inc. mediterranean patio
Fireplace modern living room
Now it's time to vote.....

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