Monday, November 14, 2011

tell me, tell me

Tell me your thoughts on these two dresses by Aqua.  Sometimes the things I love are a bit off from the general public (which I'm totally okay with!).  So yes, I LOVE these dresses. They are edgy and glamorous and awesome! If only I had somewhere to wear them.
I know one of my sisters isn't going to like these dresses at all (but they're black, Coco).
I'm incredibly intrigued to know your thoughts on these dresses. 
I'm leaning more towards the fringe one being my favorite. You?


  1. Okay - I LOVE them both! I actually own a dress kind of like the second one - at least the bottom part is exactly the same. It was originally supposed to be a salsa dance dress or something but I bought it to wear as an evening gown.

    Good choices!


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