Thursday, March 27, 2014

Newport Brass

Last week I had the opportunity to head to Orange Country for a Newport Brass factory tour. If you've never heard of this fixtures and fittings company then I suggest you head on over to their website now. All solid brass, 27 finishes, made in California, and beautiful designs. I enjoy selling these fixtures and it's pretty easy to do so too. My personal favorite series is the Keaton collection...sleek and contemporary. 
Goodbye, snow capped mountains. 
hello, palm trees.
solid brass stock. 
sanding/preparing the fixtures.
hung and ready to be plated.
the spout from the Keaton faucet.
Yep, we did a Seaway tour too and it was awesome. 
 And we went on a Duffy boat tour too. Basically we were very spoiled.
Overall, it was a fantastic getaway to sunny California.


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