Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Weekend That Is Now Gone

I am sad that it is late Sunday night and Monday is coming tomorrow. BOO. But I had a lovely weekend indeed. First off, the weather was gorgeous. And because of that I got a little burnt (of course). My computer didn't do well with the heat exposure as well. My "a", "s", and "shift" buttons are a bit melted. It's all good because I am planning on getting a Mac this summer! My weekend consisted of working, friends, BBQ, sun, frisbee, more sun, basketball, drinking, wondering, concert, indoor soccer game, computer lab with Auto Cad, even more sun, laundry, homework, and other wonderful events. I added some pictures so we can all relive the weekend.

I am pretending that I actually look good in this picture. But the tall bald guy in the middle is Tyrone Wells....don't know him? Go to his website and then go buy his albums. I loved him before I saw him live, but let me tell you: He is really amazing live. I highly recommend listening to his music.
We went out to the bars in lovely Downtown Corvallis this Saturday. Afterwards we walked all around Corvallis and ran into everyone it seems. Anyways, I love my new clutch and now there is picture so everyone can see how cute the snake skin clutch truly is. Those are my lovely friends as well.

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