Thursday, January 29, 2009


Carrie and Danielle's daily question today was a wonderful, thought provoking one indeed. It asked: "Your Dream Home; Where Is It and Why?"

I am curious what you all have to say. 

Mine would be a flat in Paris along the Seine river with a gorgeous view of the city. With historical architecture features and an abundant amount of natural sunlight filtering into the whole flat. There is an air about Paris that is so captivating and it would be inspiring to live within it. 


  1. A little flat in Manhattan kinda like Carrie Bradshaws. In a nice neighbourhood. In the summer you can sit on the steps in front of your door chat with people or just watch strangers pass by. I would love a balcony, too. Some music like norah jones playin in the backround, some nice red wine in my hand and just enjoy the beauty of the city. an all time indian-summer would be perfect, too :o)

  2. New York on the 50th floor of a huge master suite looking over great views. Because I can't live in the country and I love to feel inspired. If I can see a lot I will surely feel inspired.

  3. Meeg I can come live in Paris with you..because you are going to need somebody who knows how to talk/is now a pro at getting around on the metro.and also I now have a page of places that everybody should go to in Paris..because Mlle explored around whien she lived then we can have lots of fun things to do!

  4. I'm with you - I think everyone should live in Paris at least once in their lives! I plan on moving back eventually . . .


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