Thursday, November 5, 2009

Saint Cupcakes

I LOVE cupcakes! But seriously, who doesn't?! One of the fabulous things about living and working in Northwest Portland.....Saint Cupcake. One of my co-workers brought a box of cupcakes in today! What a lovely and delicious surprise. If you are ever in Portland, check them out. Or have them mailed to you! Yep, they deliver.


via. via.
Cupcakes in the mail! Genius.


  1. ugh dont tell me that! ill have to try them now! i cant resist a cupcake!

  2. wow, those cupcakes are rather adorable. Another fav. cupcake haunt would have to be Cupcake Jones, only because my wee doggie can get a dog friendly one too! She loves her cupcakes!!

  3. I love cupcakes. Can you believe it?.. I live in Portland and have still never had a Saint Cupcake :(

    They look tasty.



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