Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey Dad, want to buy me this home?

"Nestled on Manhattan's fashionable Upper East Side location, this stunning single-family gem is situated in a most charming townhouse block. This fabulous four-story plus finished basement has been gutted and impeccably renovated to the utmost perfection with the finest contemporary amenities. The house is flooded with sunlight; the front faces south and the back faces a pretty garden vista. This is a fully automated Smart House. There are seven air-condition zones, nine heating zones, and two laundry rooms in the basement and on the top floor."
I mean it only costs $9,995,000. So who wants to buy this amazing home for me? You can even live there too!
Learn more about this amazing home here.


  1. Gorgeous! but who needs 2 laundry rooms...

  2. Maybe if we all start a pool together we can get it... but they'd have to throw in the furniture at no extra cost!

  3. I agree, does it come furnished?

  4. Wow, that is gorgeous, and such a great location, which I guess explains the price...

    ~ Jen


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