Tuesday, March 9, 2010

(lots of) Inspiration

Today is a perfect day to flip through all my old Domino Magazines. I can't wait to do laundry now because I love Domino. I miss it so much.
This could be one of my new favorite pictures.
Stripe wallpaper, my favorite Jonathan Adler pillow, awesome lighting, and a dog photo. I am moving in.

all the layers and details..ohh!
Look at the adorable dinosaurs! Everything else is pretty wonderful too.
The graphic floor, strong colors and youthful look. What is there not to love?
I have been in love with this interior since I saw it on the pages in Domino.
I love the subtle but warm color palette.
Love the idea of making the inside of cabinets pretty!


  1. The subtle palette with the "for like ever" print is one of my favorites! Great inspiration pics :)

  2. I miss Domino too...and now I want to go wallpaper the inside of some cabinets...so cool!

  3. We should really take their advice about gathering mail......... our pile is OOC.


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