Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Music Tuesday

Tony Lucca is a wonderful musician and an incredibly nice guy. He opened for Tyrone Wells (who you should also be listening too)! My friend and I sold merchandise for their Portland concert last week. Also note that Tony Lucca is much better looking than his album cover leads you to believe. Buy his album here.

John Butler Trio's new album, April Uprising, came out today! It is hard to describe their sound but one said they are an "eclectic roots/jam band" which seems pretty accurate. They are hugely popular in Australia. Buy their album here. (itunes has it for a couple dollars more for 3 bonus tracks). They are on tour as well. Check out their dates here.

Jack Johnson's new single, You and Your Heart. I love Jack Johnson. He the best with the car windows down and the sun hitting your face. His new album, To The Sea, comes out June 6th. He is going on tour this summer. Check it out here. Buy his single here.

Minus the Bear. Their album, Omni, comes out May 4th. Start the countdown! And then buy it here when the time comes.

Hope you found something new to listen to! Feel free to give me suggestions of new musicians as well. I love new music!


  1. I'm always ready for a new artist. Ya gotta love Jack Johnson though!
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  2. Tyrone Wells came to Iowa City and Tony Lucca opened up for him. I have all of Tyrone's cds and I bought Tony's that night. You should listen to Jason Reeves. His sister and I are really good friends and him and Tyrone have a song together called...give me one reason.

  3. Oh, I have seen Jason Reeves as well. He came to Oregon State University a few years ago. He is wonderful as well.


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