Wednesday, June 9, 2010

RIP Freckles

My family's dog, Freckles, was put to sleep today. She was a fantastic dog who lived a long and happy fifteen years. She will be missed. Wasn't she a cutie?!
(Photo was taken with a blackberry so sorry for the shitty quality).


  1. Freckles was a major cutie! I am so sorry for you. I can't even imagine how I would feel if something happened to my little cat.

  2. sending my love.

    freckles is up in doggie heaven with my bubba

  3. I am so sorry. Loosing a family dog is like loosing a family member.

  4. sending my love, and thinking of you and your family, like emily said, it's the same as loosing a family member, when your up to it, google "the rainbow bridge"

  5. She was super cute! My dog Toby died about 3 weeks ago, we had to put him to sleep as well, he was having trouble even breathing, it was quite sad to see. He was part of the family, and is very missed as well. Thanks for sharing the foto. :o)

  6. Sad. Good bye Freckles! I hope you have a wonderful place to go to on the other side!
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  7. Oh I'm so sorry. Animal deaths are so hard. When my dog was put to sleep one of my friends told me to remember all dogs go to heaven. It made me feel better.


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