Monday, July 12, 2010


Did you watch the World Cup final match?! It definetly wasn't a pretty game but I was so happy to see Spain win. Who were you cheering for?
May I also point out the good looks of some of the Spain players. Hello! Jesus Navas and Iker Casillas below for you viewing pleasure.


  1. yay spain!

  2. Since Im German I was cheering for Spain. This way at least the winner of the cup kicked us out... :)

  3. not going to lie, i wanted the netherlands..but that karate kick was out of control

  4. No David Villa pic?

    I think the best team won. Had Germany beaten Spain in the semis, I don't think they would have beaten the Dutch without Lahm, Podolski, and Klose anyway (though Deutschland's my other team, next to the US of A).

  5. Loooove Spain. I was soooo rooting for them and got pissed when certain bad things happened to "my" team. glad they won even though it took them forever to score at least once!
    And yes, it was an ugly game. :(

    Absolutely love Iker. :) My favorite, among so many others. Have you seen the video where his girlfriend interviews him after they had won and he grabs her and kisses her?! loved it!!!!

  6. Selma,

    The video of him kissing his girlfriend is totally adorable! I watched it a few times.


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