Thursday, September 23, 2010


At my next home (yes, I did just move into my current one. forward thinking) I want to make it more masculine and not all girly. It will still be very glamourous and stylish but with a dose of stronger lines, deeper tones, richer textures, and less pink.
I love this room. See that romantic mirror, beautiful orange bedding and oh so much fun fur pillows.
clean and simple. Lovely headboard. Maybe a little too simple for my tastes though.
Love the wallpaper and gallery wall above the bed.
Exposed brick walls, wonderful ethnic rug, and wood.
So many fun colors! This might be border line girly but so much fun.
Again fur throw and deep walls and textured pillows. I also have a very similar lamp.

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How do you bring more masculine elements to your bedroom/home?

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