Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where is the bow?

I am super excited for many things in my life. At this very moment, I am thrilled the weather is going to be sunny for my good friend's wedding this weekend! Yes, for not sitting in the rain. I am also really excited about the wedding gift I just wrapped. I bought the adorable floral kraft paper at the dollar store (yes, you read that right). I then decided to not use a traditional bow and dug through my craft bin to find some wonderful twine, many feathers, and a little bead. Perfect for my fall loving friend's wedding. I hope they appreciate the wrap job.
you like?


  1. yay weddings! and want to come to LA and wrap all my presies for christmas...i will pay you in kisses from Georgie.

  2. I love your wrapping job! And I love craft paper from the dollar store!! I recently wrapped a box for my friend's lingerie shower in dollar store craft paper... and then Sadie discovered it and wouldn't leave...


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