Sunday, October 3, 2010

In the park

I had the pleasure of attending one of my dear friend's wedding this weekend. It was held at Beazel Park, Oregon. It was charming, rustic and all around lovely. The photography is by Courtney Jade.... absolutely beautiful photography. Enjoy.
I loved all the pretty ribbon blowing in the breeze. A beautiful couple!
It was a perfect Oregon day.

Cute cake toppers.
I was envious of the flower girls' tutus.
Can we talk about the floral arrangements?!! I LOVED them. Dahlias in pumpkins! And there were flowers in zucchini too!

Congrats to the happy newlyweds!


  1. I love their theme! The cake top, floral arrangement and the scrabbles are lovely- congrats to your friends!

  2. So cute! Love the centerpieces!


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