Friday, November 5, 2010


My wonderful boyfriend is teaching me to snowboard this winter. Now I need to get some gear. Any of you snowboard? Any tips and tidbits? spill. And wish me luck.
via. (my boyfriend is the cute one in orange)


  1. I LOVE Snowboarding!! And my boyfriend and I just ordered boards for Christmas! A huge lifesaver for me has been getting good snow goggles. Keeps all the snow, wind, and sun from messing with my eyes. What are you thinking about getting?? I'll try to help if I can!


  2. Be prepared to be patient and try to not get frustrated. I really like snowboarding but its really frustrating and difficult. And be prepared to shell out a lot of cash, its so expensive to go up there! I got an awesome board, boots and bindings on ebay for under $200, renting equipment six times would pay for it, so thats a good investment. If you end up not being in to it you can always sell it. Good luck and have fun!


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