Monday, December 13, 2010

the saga continues

The sofa decision is still ongoing. My boyfriend and I decided to explore more options (the sectional, #2 sold). We found this fantastic sofa. It is extremely comfortable and even deeper than the previous one we have been looking at. Now we just need to look at our fabric and wood options and maybe there will be a final decision soon. So how do you feel about the below sofa?

Here are some inspiration photos that have similar lines as the sofa. Boxy, modern, clean lined, and comfortable. It goes to shows the versatility of this type of sofa in many different decors.


  1. I like it..what color are you going to get?

  2. Love the charcoal color of the "gray and orange" image. Sexy.

  3. love the couch! the possibilities are endless with fabric and color... good luck, I'm sure whatever you pick will be gorgeous!

  4. I really like this sofa! It has such clean lines but with the pillows it adds some softness and comfort. How come you guys haven't come into hip and looked! We actually just had 50% off the list price of natuzzi sofas which are very nice Italian sofas! The pricing was so good! Come in some time, I can definitely give you a discount!

  5. Man i like all of this, it reminds me that i was luckily won a house and lot as a grand winner in t.v. shows.


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