Monday, January 31, 2011

6th Street Design School

This morning we continue our new series called "three things that make you smile". I have the honor to introduce our next guest....the adorable Kristen from 6th Street Design School. Her blog is a recent find for myself and I have been loving it ever since the day I stumbled upon it. She has such a fresh, young, and fun design taste that I love. Here are the three things that make Kristen smile....

My son Jett makes me smile everyday!
My Living Room is my favorite room in my house and is totally "smile-worthy"!
Beautiful fabrics make me smile. I can't get enough of them!

Thanks Kristen! If you want to get in on the action then send me your three things that make you smile to


  1. Love love LOVE the yellow flowery pillow on the couch...I own two of them myself <3. Cutest baby, too!

  2. I just love Kirsten...I'm glad she is guest posting as so many fabulous blogs so I can get to know them, too! Love the blog and now happily following (c:

  3. The picture with Kirsten's son is so precious. I love love all of her fabric choices and her living room is definitely smile inducing!

  4. Lovely post! Her son is adorable and her living room is fab!!

  5. New fabrics toooootally make me smile! <3

  6. Love her blog and her home!

    Great coffee table ~ so pretty and unique!

    That rug is perfection ~ where is it from?

  7. A fellow red head!! Hello! I love Kirstens style! I think that coffee table has to be my favorite!

  8. Hi your pictures are very beautiful. I love your blog very much. Besos desde España

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