Wednesday, January 26, 2011

campaign dilemma

Lovelies, I need your help! I bought this FABULOUS campaign dress on a whim a while back for $40 on craigslist. I know, awesome. But now, I can't decide if I want to give it a new fresh coat of white paint or paint it black. Decisions. ahhhh. (I still need to polish the knobs. it took me thirty minutes to do just one knob. I lack patience for that. Once I get around to getting them polished it will look better too).
This is my cutie. It looks like he is floaty in my room but he is indeed against a small wall in my tiny apartment. Back to the left are the built in shelves in my closet area. To the right is my old dresser that has been placed in the hallway until I give it to a loving home (humm goodwill). Yeah, I swear my apartment isn't a sea of white like this picture makes it appear.

I just came across this lovely black campaign dresser from Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day! I am kind of digging this look. It is more snazzy and gentleman appropriate.

So keep it white or paint it black?!
(or a, emerald green. thoughts.)

other photos of white versions here, here. or multiple versions here. black version here.


  1. Black! Once you go black campaign dresser, you never go back campaign dresser....or something like that.

  2. i am sooo on the fence here, since you posted my ivory version (thank you BTW!! ) Probably go black and shine up the hardware... I am debating of painting mine a peacock purple.

    Either way it will look great!

  3. I vote black too. (Although I guess it depends on what will go best with the rest of your apartment's overall look.) If it fits the space, BLACK!

  4. I'd paint it black, I am still so jealous of that fabulous $40 purchase!

  5. Or you could just give it to me! Haha! Great find. It honestly would look good white or black. Go with something that will really pop in the room.


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