Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Treasures and a Turquoise Paintbrush

My adorable friend, MaryAnne, from college is an extremely talented mixed media artists. Not only is she cute.....so is all of her artwork. She has a facebook page here (there is a current giveaway too) and a fun new blog here. Soon there will be an Etsy page! I will be purchasing a little something something once it gets running.
Take a look at some of her pieces....talented, right?!
Live In Love
Her cute hands hard at work
You Should Be Kissed (And Often)
Fierce Love


  1. She's really very talented. Her creations are awesome! Thanks for sharing it to us!

  2. I want that first one!

  3. i really can't stop loving her artwork! i must pass it along :)


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