Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Less than a month

I can't believe it but in less than a month I will be sunning (hiding under my sun hat) myself in Aruba! I am so ready for warm weather, sandy beaches, and a getaway from Portland. I am dreaming in vivid colors with turquoise jewelry, fedoras, and gladiator sandals galore. Oh, I can't wait for the jet-setting to begin.
Victoire Mac-Dauxerre by Benny Horne for Wonderland

Do you all have any lovely vacations planned?


  1. Fabulous. I am going to NYC on Thursday. Not exactly a warm climate...but I am excited. Beautiful dresses.
    Mary Ann

  2. That is so exciting! I'm jealous. We are visiting California sometime soon. I'm thinking of the 3 things so I can email you.

  3. you'd think with my proximity to the beach {i can see the ocean from front door} i'd be at the beach more often. it's been over 10 years. just not a fan.
    but i'll tell you, if i had one of these babies, i might change my mind.

  4. Aruba- that's awesome! I'm heading to China tomorrow and then off the middle eastern desert in April- not the beach, but there's lots of sand!

  5. Those pictures are absolutely stunning...and leave me feeling less put-out that I'm not planning a getaway to Aruba myself! (c: That will be fabulous!


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