Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I got nominated to bring a few floral arrangements to a Stella & Dot event next week. I am happily accepted the offer and headed straight to Pinterest for some inspiration. Pinterest is my newest addiction and entertainment! But look at all the beautiful floral designs I found!

I really enjoy a loose, vibrant, wildflower look. I'm putting the flowers in an assortment of vases. It is going to look great against the beautiful jewelry. Jewelry and flowers I just need some wine, chocolate and my boyfriend and that will be the most magical combination.

Do you have any guidance on floral arrangement for me?

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  1. New Seasons will allow you to create your own bouquets out of whatever flowers they have in the shop for about the same price as a pre-made bouquets. That way you can play with color, texture, and how many flowers you're looking for. I especially enjoy the one in North Portland on Interstate and Rosa Parks because the floral manager has a good eye. Good luck!


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