Monday, August 15, 2011

My Summer Must Have

It's must own a bike. I once was the girl who said it wasn't an essential and I wouldn't use it that much. I have since changed my mind. My bike is fabulous. I can take leisurely rides through the house-lined streets of Portland with my boyfriend, I can ride to the too far to walk but too close to drive grocery store, or I can quickly ride a few blocks to get the latest DVD from a Redbox (shhh. my rental tonight is terrible but wonderful. red hood and a wolf...this is what happens when the boy is gone).

I need your help. Hopefully, you are a lovely reader that also owns a bike and picks up shameful DVD's at Redbox. I need a basket for my bike and need your opinions! Wicker basket, metal basket? On the front, on the back? What looks best versus what is the most practical? Ahh.
Isn't my little Peugeot Mixte the cutest?
yeah, it has both form and function. You can have it all.

(you should get Instragram for your iphone or Instaphoto for your BB)

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