Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blazer Beauty - Friday's Fancies

Join us on {long distance loving} as we show our love for blazers. My fashion inspiration board is a power red blazer that I teamed up with super sexy and feminine items to bring down the structure and toughness of the blazer. Looks like a fun outfit that would be very out of place anywhere I went. I still love it though. 

Blazer Beauty - Friday's Fancies

Lipsy beaded top
£38 -

Silk jacket
$329 -

Nümph knee length black skirt
€50 -

Alexander mcqueen heels
$985 -

Stella & Dot


  1. This is such a beautiful and classy outfit. I love the color of the blazer!


  2. I love this blazer..such a great color!

  3. Gorgeous outfit!

  4. Love love love this outfit! I want it all :)

  5. Megan--this is seriously one GORGEOUS Friday's Fancies, my dear. Sure, it's fancy--but it is another thing: FABULOUS! I can't get enough of that top or that blazer. sigh. Hope you have a phenomenal weekend! xoxo {av}

    p.s. be sure you've gotten all your entries in for my Lilly P giveaway!

  6. i love how you paired feminine pieces with the blazer to soften the look up. great job :)

  7. This outfit is hot! I need that top and blazer!


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