Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mix and Match - Friday's Fancies

Mixing patterns can be rather intimidating. I still struggle with this concept when it comes to fashion. Due to owning a lack of patterned clothing. None the less, here is my fashion inspiration board for mixing and matching patterns. Yep, this weeks Friday's Fancies from {long distance loving} is all about the art of putting two things together that don't technically match. But who likes matchy-matchy anyways? Is there a matching police anyways?
Join us.

Mix & Match - Friday's Fancies
The easiest way to mix patterns is to start small. Think a floral blouse and a polka dot scarf. The other way is like my inspiration board. It is simple and monochromatic. The tonal looks makes it much easiest to put two patterns together. Soon you'll be daring and mixing and matching like a pro. 


  1. Really really love this outfit. I almost used that skirt in the outfit I put together too... and those shoes? I'm obsessed :)

    Love your style, following you now :)

  2. Amazing mix & match! I would totally wear this!! :)

  3. def love that top!
    great outfit :]

    xoxo. ashlyn

  4. Great skirt, i am going to attempt some mixing of patterns soon ;)

  5. O this is so fun! I love your look. Have a great weekend!

  6. That stella skirt is ahhhh-mazing. Love it.

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  7. Love your look and mix of patterns. Smartly done.

    Visit me at

  8. I just wrote about this a few weeks ago! Cute outfit idea!


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