Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Help me pick....

I need to decide on my favorite pair of SOREL boots to join my closet. Which one is your favorite pair? Or do you have aother favorite from SOREL?

Let me know your favorite in the comments!
Here are some fashion inspiration for each boot too....
This Time Tomorrow
Sea of Shoes
Beijos Tiffany


  1. It wouldn't let me vote - but i vote cable wedge! I've never seen those before!! WOW!

  2. Also not letting me vote, but I pick 3, with 1 as a close second, but you can wear 3 more often I'd say!!!

  3. If you want I have an employee pass for Columbia. They have a ton. That is wear I got my plaid ones! Close to 50% off! Lete know ;)

  4. I like two and four. I couldn't pick.

  5. Ooo this is a toughie! Congrats btw! I'd say 3 or 4...3 is unique (and you could easily put leggings over the top and they'd look identical to 2) and 4 is definitely a classic so you couldn't go wrong!

    much love, Kristina

    P.S. thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm loving your style!


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