Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spring Fever - Friday's Fancies

It's still winter but that doesn't mean we can't plan ahead or dream! I'm still enjoying winter but I could use a tropical vacation to relax. For this Friday's Fancies we're embracing warmer weather and the thought of spring.  Instead of going the traditional floral and pastel look for spring, I've gone for a more bohemian and exotic look. It's the perfect outfit to be whisked away to a tropical location.

Is it spring yet?

Maybe wear this ensemble while traveling somewhere like this...

While staying in a place like this...
Count me in. I'll pack my bags now.


  1. I want to go too! Oh and I love that necklace!

  2. Love it. :) Let's earn the trip to Mariposa!

  3. Gorgeous outfit, love the skirt! Wish I was going on holidays :)

    Laura xo

  4. Oh you're killing me! That outfit is perfect, great job putting that together!

  5. Oh this outfit is so gorgeous! Loving long Maxi skirts.

    Have a great weekend girl:)


  6. OH SO CUTE! Your comment literally made me laugh out loud, it was too funny and cute. I loveeee this outfit. I plan on incorporating maxi dresses and skirts into my wardrobe as soon as possible this spring. Can't wait!!!!!!! But Right now it's -11 degrees C..which is like 12 degrees Fahrenheit or something like that. COLD! Have a great weekend girl!!

  7. My bag is officially packed. I will go anywhere in that maxi. So happy to have found your blog! xo

  8. Oh my that is a really cute outfit... now if only I had the guts to pull that off... That necklace is really fabulous!! :)

    What great finds!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Nicole Rene

  9. gorgeous outfit. i love the maxi skirt and i definitely think it is appropriate to wear the outfit to either place.

  10. I sure love that cobalt maxi skirt!! and that last image has me dreaming of a quite place to rest in!

    Happy Weekend!

  11. SUCH a GREAT outfit! I love the skirt and the top...swoon. And if I could join you on your travels that would be wonderful as well :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Friday!!
    Twirling Clare

  12. That's a gorgeous skirt! I'm still debating if it's worth me investing in one (I can never tell how they look on me!) but that's beautiful and I would pack my bag right now! Is it June yet?


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