Friday, February 10, 2012

Pink + Red - Friday's Fancies

It's the hottest color trend right now and I just love it. It also happens to be perfect with Valentine's Day just around the corner. Yep, pink and red. Today on Friday's Fancies we are exploring this fabulous color combo. So let's check it out. Will you be rocking the pink and red color combo?

clockwise: 1/2/3
clockwise: 1/2/3/4
Clockwise: 1/2/3/4

Pink + Red - Friday's Fancies

necklace/sweater/skirt/nail polish/shoes
Join us on {long distance loving}.


  1. I truly do love the two together. Your combination of textures is perfect, and that Stella and Dot piece steals the show. xo

  2. Pink and red is just so fun together! And your outfit is gorgeous.

    Happy Weekend girl!


  3. I love all of the inspiration images- they are perfection. And I really like how your outfit mixes spring/winter together with a knit sweater and a bright flowy skirt. You could wear it all year round! xx

  4. Great choices! I love the sweater you chose! Have a splendid weekend :)

    Visiting from Friday's Fancies!
    Lindsay from Elle Elizabeth

  5. like i have ben saying pink and red really do go great together and all along i thought they didn't!! i love your outfit the best and what is the name of that essie color??

  6. Cute outfit finds! I also love your outfit you put tgoether! That's a really fabulous skirt! And I love that necklace! :)

    Have a fun weekend!
    Nicole Rene

  7. I love how you did this Friday's Fancies post. Such great inspiration pics and I love the outfit you put together. Seriously, this one of my most favorite of all of the sites I have looked at today! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Twirling Clare

  8. Meagan this is gorgeous! I love all of your combinations, you're so creative! I'd die for that skirt, that necklace...what the heck the whole thing! Love it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. jeepers--I seriously want to snap my fingers and have this beauty of an outfit end up in MY closet. it's gorgeous! I love that high low skirt :) you really outdid yourself with this post! thank you so much for being such a loyal linker...I'm so glad you are! xoxo {av}


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